Are you owner or agent? is the most popular site of our town. Its name is the natural choice of every Internet serfer. More than half of the visitors of the site come from abroad.

The easy search and interactive map will make the House, Bar, Hotel , restaurant or service you offer accessible to thausands of visitors and potential clients. The site is a successful way of making the summer season longer by inviting guests from the beginning of may till late autumn incuding all the weekends and holidays.

For your convinionce starting from this year you can register and add your private house, hotel, restaurant, bar or service and start attracting customers. The registration is automated and you can edit the texts and pictures from your own account.

The annual fee for uploading and supporting the online catalogue is 50lv per house, restaurant, bar or service; and 100 lv per hotel (no VAT included).

We guarantee you fast income of your registration!

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