Dienstleistungen innen Sozopol

"Santa Maria" ship

Sightseeing tour around Sozopol (the beaches, the fortress wall, the Islands) at any time of the day(min 8 person) and dayly at 6.00 PM and 7.30 PM
Sea tours to:
* the mouth of Ropotamo river
* Picnic on the island St. Ivan
* Fishing near the island of St.Ivan
* Client's choice sea tours

F�r Kontakte

Region: Burgas
Stadt: Sozopol
Old town, the middle of landing stage of small fishing boats. MK "Santa Maria"
Zip: 8130
: Georgi Chervenkov
Telefon: 0897-234038
Telefon: 0897-234038
Email: sv_soz@abv.bg